Data & Mapping applications

Android applications for Data Collection and Mapping Surveys.

Data Collection apps
Run data surveys entirely from your Android device
Map This Way for Android
Turn your devices into a mapping tool.

Data Collection applications for Android

Create forms for data collection surveys and run a field survey entirely from your Android device without the need of a PC or internet connection.
First create a form. Place in it the fields of your choice. Use the GPS of your device to add georeference capabilities to your data collection; add coordinates to your collected data. Edit the form to correct any mistakes. Then you are ready to go.
Run your survey using the forms you created anywhere without the need for a PC or an internet connection. Survey data are stored in the device.
Collected data may be exported in HTML or CSV files compatible with modern office suites, apps and database systems. The app is released as a paid and as an ad-supported version.

Map This Way Android application

Use your GPS equipped Android device as a mapping tool for topographic surveys or just to keep tracks of your way. Through an easy to use interface you can map Locations, Routes, Points of Interest or Polygon areas suitable for professional topographic surveys. Simply enable your GPS receiver, view the coordinates and the map of your current location and start mapping. The application records the GPS tracks of your device and creates Linear, Point or Polygon features.
This application is not designed only for professional use. Use it in hiking, traveling, running and in any other occasion that you care to know when and how you got in a place and where is this place.
Mapped data may be viewed in the app on OpenStreetMap and get exported in HTML, KML and CSV compatible with most GIS and mapping software.
The exported KML files are also compatible with "WMS Map Viewer on line" a web app also available as a Chrome and Android application. Through this app KML files may be displayed as overlay to the web map of your choice.